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We'll See How Brave You Are

fieldnotes of an amateur bostonaut

Rachel K. Zall
27 August 1981
"I think [she's] compensating for something"
- former Vice-Presidential candidate Pat LaMarche

"This is what's coming to your public schools!"
- A local anti-LGBT hate group

Hi! I'm Rachel and I'm a little hick running around the big, exciting city with my wonderful wife dystocia and our two weird kitty cats. I'm a transgender activist with the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and write lots and lots of poetry, which I post in sporadic, friends-locked bursts. I've published two books of it (which you can check out on my website), and I'm perpetually working on a new collection about being trans in America.

I used to post lots of links here, but it was always a clumsy engine for that so I've switched the linkblogging to Facebook -- you can see the link feed here.

I'm highly excitable, and I've long since grown out of my snarky, cynical stage. If people who unironically use the phrase "spiffy keen!" drive you nuts, you should probably just keep walking. Me, I'm ready for joy.

I often post rambling narratives here, and they're generally true -- BUT! if you want historical facts, go read a historian's journal. I'm a poet and I can embellish wherever I like.

You don't have to ask to add me, although saying hello is generally courteous if you want me to reciprocate.

Oh! And I used to be ecdysiasm. I change journals sometimes, because I like change. Change = Future, and Future + Imagination + Work + Luck = Hope!